Samwise Admires Illustrious Ancestor

Samwise Admires One of His Illustrious Ancestors

Who knew Samwise had such illustrious ancestors? Apparently he did… Sitting under the watchful gaze of a museum security guard, Sam admires a painting of (supposedly) one of his ancestors in a prominent art museum. Look at that frame! (wonder what this ancestor did..? looks like a pirate symbol on his chapeau to me 🙂




koi fish in a informal garden

Fun with Paint

It’s not all work around here — I paint whenever there’s opportunity to do so. Here’s one recently completed painting. The inspiration was from photos I took in one of the many gardens at Huntington Library. If you’re ever in San Marino, California, this should be on your tour; the main building features the permanent art collection, the best known of which is The Blue Boy by Thomas Gainsborough. I always wondered what the big deal was about this particular painting until I saw it “in person.” The brush strokes on the blue satin attire are amazing; this never seems to show in photographs I’ve seen of the work in question.