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Rhonda is a Senior Creative with 17 years of experience working with clients in a variety of industries.

Projects have included branding, advertising, web development and social media, publications and brochures, trade show materials and display design from concept to completion.

As an in-house Creative Director in the renewable energy industry, she developed strategy, creative budget, and had oversight of all deliverables.

Rhonda is proficient with Adobe Creative Suite, with extensive experience in photo retouching, branding, front-end web development, graphic design and illustration. She also has significant experience with copy writing and copy editing, plus handling press release writing and distribution.

  • Design Philosophy

    I believe design is an integral part of each interaction an organization has with its audience, serving to create a memorable impression that contributes to that audience becoming engaged with —and staying engaged with— their brand.

  • Design Process

    listen & discover your objectives, identify what is unique about your business, and gather information about your current communication strategies.

    collaborate & explore to define your audience(s), and recommend effective strategies to reach them.

    create the overall look and feel for your brand, followed by the various pieces that together will form your message.

    evaluate results compared to the pre-determined objectives and goals, adjust strategy as needed to capitalize on new opportunities and deliver the best return on your investment in brand building.

What others say…

Rhonda has done a lot of work with me over the years: I appreciate her attention to getting the details right, while meeting deadlines and budgets.

What separates Rhonda from other creatives is her broad and deep knowledge of various creative media, plus her business intelligence. And she’s easy to work with; a one-stop shop, able to handle branding and creative projects from idea through execution.

Thanks for handling all our fire drills in stride!

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