PowerPoint Design & Build Project

Presentation Design & Build
Signage welcomes SriLankan Airlines

Designed to Sell

Welcoming Clients
Website Reimagined for COU

Web Reimagined for Non-profit Think Tank

Web Reimagined
Cover Slide Makes a Good First Impression

Icons: Creating a Visual Language

Icon Design
Web redevelopment for an author and speaker

Web Redesign: Bold New Look for Author

Web Redevelopment
UX Design for Software Demo at Event

Faux Partners for Real UX Demo

UX design for screens
November 30, 2017/by Rhonda

Presentation Design for Sabal

Presentation Redesign
Samwise Admires One of His Illustrious Ancestors

Samwise Admires Illustrious Ancestor

Who knew Samwise had such illustrious ancestors? Apparently…
July 18, 2016/by Rhonda
Cowboy Sam

Sam – The Many Moods Of

Sam the fur child, heavily Photoshopped 🙂 Enjoy!
May 26, 2016/by Rhonda
Thales 80' x 40' Exhibit

Design for Impact: Big Spaces

20' or Larger

Small Display, Big Impact

10' or Smaller

UX Design for Mobile

Mobile App

Infographics and Analytics

Maybe we're biased, but we've observed that images, especially infographics that relate to your company's business, is a great way to explain "what it all means" to your audience.
October 20, 2014/by Rhonda
Brochure: Logistics Industry

Gatefold Brochure

Logistics Industry
drum art for band

Drum Art for Plastic Zombies

Much of my work is for businesses, and therefore 'clean and corporate' — but that just wouldn't have fit the bill for this punk-influenced band local to Southern California.
September 24, 2014/by Rhonda

UX Design for Web

Website Design

More Fun With Paint

Paint on canvas. Enjoy!
July 7, 2014/by Rhonda


Visual Information

Stylist’s Business Card

Fun & Function
Window Seat — Illustration for children’s book

Illo Competition

3x3 Magazine competition entry
March 10, 2014/by Rhonda
Sans Partner

Split Types

How can creative pros avoid messy business breakups?
January 17, 2014/by Rhonda

Web Redesign: Wedding Planner

Web Redevelopment
Shovel in Style (with Pantone Radiant Orchid...)

Shovel in Style

(Click the title above to read more, then click the back button on your browser to come back!) Don't take this one too seriously: we're just avoiding that nasty east coast weather and having a little fun with color! Dante will shovel your sidewalk . . right after @Chirlane is satisfied that their sidewalk is clear. (just kidding!) He's wielding a brand new shovel, featuring Pantone's 2014 Color of the Year — Radiant Orchid.
January 7, 2014/by Rhonda

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Most Inappropriate Use of Comic Sans Ever!

This may be the most inappropriate use of Comic Sans ever: a war memorial in Geffen, Netherlands. Not kidding!
October 26, 2012/by Rhonda
koi fish in a informal garden

Fun with Paint

It's not all work around here — I paint whenever there's opportunity to do so...
March 3, 2011/by Rhonda

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