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Samwise Admires Illustrious Ancestor

Who knew Samwise had such illustrious ancestors? Apparently he did… Sitting under the watchful gaze of a museum security guard, Sam admires a painting of (supposedly) one of his ancestors in a prominent art museum. Look at that frame! (wonder what this ancestor did..? looks like a pirate symbol on his chapeau to me 🙂 […]

Infographics and Analytics

Maybe we’re biased, but we’ve observed that images, especially infographics that relate to your company’s business, is a great way to explain “what it all means” to your audience.

Drum Art for Plastic Zombies

Much of my work is for businesses, and therefore ‘clean and corporate’ — but that just wouldn’t have fit the bill for this punk-influenced band local to Southern California.

Happy Holiday!

My favorite canine hits the road, and more…apparently. This illustration was done in Illustrator, with the canine photo masked in Photoshop and then dropped into the composition. Typeface for whimsical title was FontDiner’s Loungy. They’re a type foundry that specializes in retro fonts. (Loungy is listed under Free Silverware)